The Flood Geology Series

The Flood Geology Series

4 Episodes

Join several experts who share geologic evidence for the Biblical Flood

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The Flood Geology Series
  • The Great Ice Age Documentary

    Episode 1

    A documentary filmed in Wyoming, Montana, and Oregon exploring how the global Flood changed weather patterns to develop the one Ice Age rapidly, then how it melted catastrophically.

    Since the 1700’s we’ve been told that the there have been many ice ages over millions of years, but now meteorol...

  • Mount St. Helens: Modern Day Evdience for the Global Flood

    Episode 2

    In 1980 Mount St. Helens erupted and quickly became known as “God’s gift to Creationists”. Thirty years later geologist Dr. Steve Austin returns to the volcanic monument to share about the catastrophic processes which reshaped the terrain and how they support the Biblical record of earth’s histo...

  • The Missoula Flood Documentary

    Episode 3

    Meteorologist Michael Oard takes you on a tour down the path of the Missoula Flood, from Montana to Oregon. He presents evidence for only one Missoula Flood happening catastrophically at the end of the Ice Age. Michael addresses the controversy of the Missoula Flood from when Bretz first proposed...

  • The Receding Floodwaters: Global Evidence for the World Wide Flood

    Episode 4

    Join Michael Oard as he takes you on this in-depth journey around the world to discover the geologic evidence for a Global Flood as described in the Bible.