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Mark Armitage Legal Story

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DH "Discovering Dinosaur Soft Tissue" Ep1 Trailer

Dino Hunter Documentary Set – 1m 15s

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  • Mark Armitage Legal Story

    Scientist Mark Armitage shares about his legal case against the California State University at Northridge campus, where he lost his important job because of his belief in the Bible.

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    In this episode of Dino Hunter, Jeremy visits with paleontologist Dr. Art Chadwick at the Dinosaur Research Project in eastern Wyoming, one of the largest dig sites in the world. Jeremy will learn the high tech methods Dr. Chadwick and his team use for logging each bone and creating a 3D map of ...

  • Dino Hunter #3 - Kyle's Travel Vlog

    Producer, Kyle Justice, gives a daily update of his travels and the family as they go to shoot an episode of Dino Hunter in eastern Wyoming.