Dino Hunter

Dino Hunter

2 Seasons

Join Emmy Award winning host, Jeremy McLaughlin, as he explores the evidence for a Biblical worldview to dinosaurs.

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Dino Hunter
  • Dino Hunter Ep1 "Discovering Dinosaur Soft Tissue"

    Episode 1

    Join Emmy award winning host, Jeremy McLaughlin as he explores the discovery of dinosaur soft tissue with Mark Armitage, and how to points to dinosaur living not that long ago. Dino Hunter is a documentary series presenting dinosaurs from a Biblical worldview.

  • Dino Hunter Ep2 "Digging for Soft Dinosaur Tissue"

    Episode 2

    Join Jeremy McLaughlin as he ventures out to eastern Montana to dig for dinosaur soft tissue with scientist Mark Armitage and paleontologist Otis Kline.

  • Dino Hunter Ep3 "High Tech Dinosuar Digging"

    Episode 3

    In this episode of Dino Hunter, Jeremy visits with paleontologist Dr. Art Chadwick at the Dinosaur Research Project in eastern Wyoming, one of the largest dig sites in the world. Jeremy will learn the high tech methods Dr. Chadwick and his team use for logging each bone and creating a 3D map of ...