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FGS Series Trailer

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DH "High Tech Dinosaur Digging" Ep3 Trailer

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  • FGS Series Trailer

    The Flood Geology Series is a collection of documentaries featuring the leading scientists researching and exploring evidence for how the Global Flood impacted the entire earth.

  • FGS Receding Floodwaters Trailer

    In this compelling documentary, researcher and scientist Michael J. Oard takes you on a journey around the world. He presents evidence for a worldwide flood and its recession based on the geological discoveries found on the earth’s surface. You’ll be challenged in your thinking about naturalism...

  • FGS The Great Ice Age Documentary Tra...

    A documentary filmed in Wyoming, Montana, and Oregon exploring how the global Flood changed weather patterns to develop the one Ice Age rapidly, then how it melted catastrophically.

    Since the 1700’s we’ve been told that the there have been many ice ages over millions of years, but now meteorol...